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Here are links to some of the presentations given by Mainframe Analytics' Chief Strategist, Reg Harbeck:

Mainframe Work Force and Business Value:

Understanding, Optimizing and Communicating the Value of the Mainframe - MVS Program Keynote at SHARE, August 6, 2012

Planning for the Future of the Mainframe Workforce - Now What?

Business Resilience Means Business

IT Issues: Mainframe Technology Continuity Planning

Mainframe Security and Regulatory Compliance:

Regulatory Compliance and the IBM Mainframe: Key Requirements

A Mainframe Security Rosetta Stone - Translating Concepts and Commands Between Mainframe Security Products

Top Secret and ACF2 101


ITIL: An Overview (with Brian Johnson, one of the original ITIL authors)

ITIL and Security? (or Why You Shouldn't Trust ITIL For Security Management)

The CMDB at the Center of the Universe

What's the Difference Between ITIL and ITSM (with Brian Johnson, one of the original ITIL authors)

Aligning ITIL Processes with COBIT Stages

The Future of Best Practices in IT Service Management - ITIL Version 3 Explained

ITIL - A Service Catalog Overview